I had a little something to happen in Mexico not long ago. General Medina, elected of God, the Light shined across his path once in one of the meetings. That great Catholic warrior, one of the highest generals in Mexico, come humbly to the altar and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He went back down into Mexico; he kept crying for me to come down there. Finally I decided to go down, the Lord led me, had a vision, told my wife. Went down there, and when he did, him being one of their chief generals (four star general), he went to the headquarters, to the government. And they, they're hard against Protestants down there, you know. So they knowed this was going to be a terrific meeting, so he went down there and got a militia guard. And when they did, they got the big arena. And they was going to bring me in like that. The government was bringing me in. So when they did, the--the bishop, one of the great bishops of the Catholic Church went up to him, to the governor, and said, "Sir, I understand that you're bringing in a non-Catholic."

Said, "Yes, what about it?"

"Why," he said, "you can't have a man like that in here. This government has never knowed of doing a thing like that."

"But," said, "we've done it now!" He said, "Why," said, "the man's a reputable man. I understand that thousands of people comes out to hear him. General Medina, he's my bosom friend," he said... And had the... The president himself's Protestant, you know, Methodist. So he said--he said, "The--the man's a reputable man as far as I know." Said, "General Medina here, he converted under this man." Said, "Why, he's a... as far as I know, a reputable person." Said, "Thousands of people, they claim, will come hear him."

And this bishop said, "What kind of a people is it, sir? Just the ignorant, that's the ones that goes hear a person like that."

The President said, "Sir, you've had them for five hundred years, why are they ignorant?" That was enough. That settled it. Oh, my! That dehorned them. Yes, sir! Yes!

Then when that little baby was raised from the dead, I sent a runner behind the man. The lady was saying in Spanish, "The baby died this morning at nine o'clock." And it was pouring down rain, having about ten thousand converts to Christ each night. The night before an old blind man had received his sight on the platform. Oh, three or four times the size of this Tabernacle, and about that high of old shawls and hats laying, and I just... They let me down on ropes in the ring to get me in.

I just walked out there and started preaching by faith. Billy come, said, "Daddy, you're going to have to do something with that woman." Said, "I got three hundred ushers standing there, and they can't stop a little bitty woman weigh a hundred pounds nearly." And pretty little lady about so high about, oh, maybe her first baby. I'd say she's twenty-three or twenty-five years old.

And she was standing there and her hair hanging down and holding a little baby. And she'd make a lunge for that line, the man would push her back. And she'd climb up over the top of them, that baby on her hip, any way, go between their legs or anything. They'd get her up there and have to kick her off the platform. And they didn't have no prayer card to give her.

He said, "If I let her come in there, daddy, with that dead baby with no prayer card," and said, "them others standing there that's been standing here two or three days in that rain and sun, and let her get ahead of them," said, "it'll cause a--a fuss down there."

I said, "That's all right." Brother Moore was there, and he's kind of baldheaded like me. And I said, "She don't know who's who, so many people." I said, "Send... And--and a couple of the brethren... One of the brethren from here at the Tabernacle, that... He's gone to Glory now. I can't think of his name just at this time. But he was standing back there. So I said, "Brother Moore, go down and pray for the baby, and she will never know who--whether it's me or you--just go on down--and not able to speak English."

And so Brother Moore said, "All right, Brother Branham."

He started to walk down. And I said, "As I was saying, say..." And I seen a little baby, little Mexican baby setting in front of me, just laughing. I said, "Wait a minute." And I said, "Let the little lady through."

Billy said, "I can't do that, daddy, she..."

I said, "I saw a vision, Billy."

Said, "Oh, that's different!"

So we opened up the crowd like that and brought her through. Here she come falling on her knees with the prayer beads in her hand. I said, "Get up." So I said, "Heavenly Father, now I don't know what You're going to do; I don't know whether You just want me to satisfy the woman by praying for the baby or what, but," I said, "I lay my hands upon the little baby in the Name of the Lord Jesus." Just the same thing as I did to Brother Way, laying there on the floor, dead, the other day. And the blanket kicked and that little baby started screaming, and it was to its life.

When I sent a runner, Brother Espinoza, to go with her to the doctor and get a sworn affidavit from the doctor that that baby died (that was about ten o'clock that night), died that morning at nine o'clock in his office with pneumonia. He got a sworn statement from the doctor. And the papers couldn't keep that still, you know, so they had to come over. They interviewed me, and they said to me, he said, "Do you think that our saints could do that too?"

I said, "If they're living."

"Oh," he said, "you can't be a saint until you're dead." There you are. See? And the people...

You see the other day where they had this nun they played up in the paper so? A new saint died, oh, a hundred years ago or something like that, and they made a... canonized her now and made a saint out of her. And they said that--that she come back from the dead and prayed for some sick person that had leukemia, wasn't it? It was in one of the magazines. Just think how they'd try to play that up, and when there's hundreds and hundreds of cases right under the nose of the people here. What's that thing? For a thing to play the Protestant church right into it, see, make it think something. And then the real works of the Lord where it's perfectly a-vindicated, proved, they are daresn't to touch the paper with it. There you are,

They received an invitation and turned it down. Yes, sir! They can't understand how a simple Message, a simple people, to reject a thing like that would cause them to go into chaos.

Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel? June 30, 1963

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.