Brother Banks Wood, if you're listening in tonight, your brother was here last night. I seen him as I went out, Brother Lyle. Jehovah Witness; the whole group was converted. Lyle was brought in because a vision of the Lord.

Lyle was setting in the boat there that day, when the day before it was told him that, "something" was "going to happen concerning a resurrection of life." He was a real Jehovah Witness, too! But that morning, setting there, fishing, and he caught... Well, he had a great, big old (that Kentucky fashion, you know)... a big hook, and a little bitty fish swallowed it. And he just pulled gills, entrails and all out, throwed it out on the water, little bitty sunfish, and he said, "Well, little fellow, you shot your last wad." The little... flipping along on the water, died, the wind blowed him up into some pond lilies.

And the day before, setting, I said, "The Holy Spirit tells me that 'there'll be a resurrection of some little creature.` Perhaps there'd be a--a kitten, when I get back home, 'cause just..."

When we was trying to dig some fish bait, Brother Wood and I, who's listening in tonight, my little girl which is a young woman setting here, engaged to this lanky soldier (I see him), she come up, she said, "Daddy..." Her and the other little girl, said, "We..." Now, anybody can have any kind of pet they want, but I sure don't like a cat, so she... or no Branham. So we... she said, "Oh, we found a poor old cat out here, daddy. It's--it-- it's eat something and it's... somebody's poisoned it, it's all swelled up." Said, "Daddy it's going to die right away, can we get a little box and keep it a couple days?"

I said, "Let me see the cat." Well, they went and got the cat. I seen what was going to happen, so give her a box. And next morning, was about seven or eight kittens there, you know. So my little boy, Joe, picked one of them up, and squeezed it and dropped it on the ground; and just--just... little fellow lay there wiggling around and around, killed it.

And I said to Brother Lyle, his brother, I said, "You know, it may be that it'd be that little kitten raised up, like we have seen the Lord do things."

Brother Lyle, just new in the way. The Holy Spirit had just told him he was married, and what he had done, and the evils he had done, the things he had done. Well, he thought Brother Banks was telling me them things. But when It really brought him right out, and told him what he done the night before, that was--that was too much for him. He couldn't get it.

Then, the next morning... Well, we fished all night, with little fish, we was catching some for bait. But he just throwed that little fish in the water, quivered, flabbed over. About a half hour later we were setting there, and I was... I said, "Brother Lyle, you let the fish swallow the hook all the way down in his stomach. See?" I said, "Take the fly line here, flip it over, the bait out like that; just soon as he touch it," I said "then just hold him and then bring him in." I said, "He... don't pull him out like that, don't swallow it, you catch the fish."

He said, "Well..." He had a great, big old line hanging over, said, "This is the way we do it," like that.

So, just about that time, I heard Something coming off the the top of the mountain up there, a whirlwind, whirling around and around. Here It come down like that, and the Spirit of God come over the boat, said, "Stand up on your feet." Said, "Speak to that dead fish, say, 'I give you back your life.`"

And that little fish had been laying there for a half hour, with his entrails in its mouth, and its gills. I said, "Little fishy, Jesus Christ gives you back your life. Live, in the Name of Jesus Christ." Flipped over on his back, and down through the water he went as hard as he could go.

Brother Lyle, are you here somewhere? I--I seen you last night. Whether he's inside, outside, or where he's at, raise your hand if I can see you. What say? In the bal-... Oh, yes, way up in the balcony, through the windows back there. That's the man, a Jehovah Witness.

He said, "Brother Branham!" He was all excited, he said, "Uh it's--it's good to be here. Isn't it?" He said, "Uh--uh, do you-- do you... Uh, do you think that meant me, that--that--that, that I called that little fish, said, 'You had shot your last wad'?" Said, "That--that--that mean something to me?"

I said, "Nah, nah, just a confirmation." He was all upset about it.

Well, we travel along and you see those things happening, knowing... Now, just think what was it to show? I had a many little spastic child on my prayer list, praying for it, but when the vision come it was for a little old fish about so long, about two inches long or three. Looked like the hook was as big as the fish. But, what it was, was to show you that God looks on the little things too.
I Have Heard But Now I See, November 27, 1965

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.