I'm glad this morning, somewhere in the congregation, to have a--a very precious friend of mine, brother, Reverend Eddie Byskal and his wife and children. I suppose they got into the meeting this morning. Eddie, are you here? I thought you... Well, maybe he didn't get to come. Brother, oh, yes, way... Now, that's not the "amen" corner, Eddie. You're welcome up here on the platform with us, the ministers, if you want to come. And then we've been on...

Brother Eddie was along when the Lord gave me the vision about the bear and the caribou. The... How many remembers that when I told you? All right, he was there. He was the young fellow had on the checkered shirt, Brother Eddie Byskal. And he stood there where... and asked... I--I asked them if they had a checkered shirt, any of them. "Nope," no one had it. I said, "Well, it might... It's got to be a checkered shirt. There's going to be a- -a big silver-tip grizzly, and--and some kind of an animal that's got forty-two inches over its horns, like this, looked like a deer." And that was about six months, I said here, you know, before it happened; long about this, oh, earlier than this in the year.

Then I was invited up there to this man, to go hunting. I never been back in that country, back there where we went, and I said it. But the little trail, that's way up on the Alaskan highway, where there's nothing but woods and mountains and animals. And that night at the trailer when I was telling Brother Byskal back there and--and Brother Southwick, he said, "Well I--I... We're going up in sheep country," said, "it won't be up there."

And I said, "Yes," and I said, "it was one of the little fellows was with me had a checkered shirt on." Nobody had a checkered shirt, Brother Byskal didn't have one, none of the rest of us had one.

The second night up, we had seen, spotted a ram way up above timber line. Now, that's way up where timber don't even grow, where's there's nothing but caribou and sheep, and we had spotted some way away. And on the road down that afternoon, Brother Byskal had stumbled into some water and gotten wet.

The next morning we got up early and started after the rams that we thought we were going to get. And on his... We got up there and we was... had eaten our dinner, and we couldn't find the rams, and Brother Byskal had just shot a caribou. So then I, looking around, and we went up, Brother Southwick said to me, said, "I believe we'll... if you want to walk right good, Brother Branham, we'll go over this mountain, down in that draw, them rams might have went over there," which is a long walk. But it don't get dark maybe till real late, it's maybe ten or eleven o'clock sometimes.

And it's a good long walk over them rocky mountains. So I like to walk, and so we just standing there with our arms around one another, both of our beards turning gray, with our arms around each other, crying and knowing, I said, "Brother Bud, I hope someday, in the Millennium, I can walk all them mountains there."

He said, "I hope I'm with you, Brother Branham." And we was standing there, just rejoicing in the Lord. And I love the mountains so well!

And then we went down. That's when Brother Byskal there shot the--the--the caribou. That, he's a missionary to the Indians, and he wanted to feed this to his Indians. So we went down, ate our dinner, and dressed the caribou out and come back.

Bud and I were going up across the mountain, and when we happened to look over, and in the distance, with my glasses, I spotted this animal that I had saw, just in a panoramic, like I told you here. Brother Byskal there, standing right by our side. And so I said, "There is that animal."

And he put the glasses on, and said, "It's a great big, old, mammoth bull caribou."

And I said, "I never seen, I thought they had panel horns." But this one had spikes, he was an odd-looking fellow, just like I saw in the vision. I never shot caribou before.

"So, well," he said, "if the Lord's give him to you," he said, "there just..."

I said, "Yes, that's bound to be it. The only thing I'm wondering about is that checkered shirt." And I looked around, and Brother Eddie, his wife must have put it, she was there with him, must have put it in his duffel bag. When he got wet the day before, he had changed shirts, and there was the checkered shirt. I said, "This is it."

When I got over and got the caribou, he, Bud, said to me, said, "Now, Brother Branham, you say these horns are forty-two inches?"

I said, "That's what they'll be."

He said, "Looked to me like about ninety-two."

I said, "No. They're forty-two inches."

He said, "Now, according to what you told me, before we get back to that boy down there with the checkered shirt on, Eddie," (where they was going to meet us down below the mountain, couple miles), said, "you're going to kill a grizzly bear."

I said, "That's THUS SAITH THE LORD."

He said, "Brother Branham, where is he coming from? I can see for fifty miles around."

I said, "He's still Jehovah-jireh. The Lord can provide for Himself, see. He can make squirrels come into existence. If He can make a ram come into existence, if He has spoke it about a bear, a bear can come into existence."

Us trying to pack this heavy caribou down, the trophy, down the mountain, and I packed the rifle part of the time, and then he would pack the rifle, and vice versa. And when we got almost to a big glacier, why, we got under there. It was kind of hot, we get in the glacier of ice, and sit down there a while to cool off. He said, "You know Brother Branham, we're not over about a mile from where Eddie and Blaine, them two boys, be standing. That old bear better be showing up."

I said, "Bud, I believe you're doubting it."

He said "Brother Branham, my brother had epileptic fits for so many years. And you told me once, the first time up here, when we went down to another place, told me what that boy looked like." And Eddie was riding right by my side there, on a horse, when the Lord gave the vision. And I told them what to do with the boy, the fits stopped. And now he said, "I can't doubt it."

I said, "Bud, I don't know where the bear is coming from." But I was about fifty, I'm fifty-five now, so that's been about three years ago. I was about fifty-two or fifty-three. I said, "I've never seen It fail. God will give me that grizzly bear before I get to them boys." And we was almost down to where the small spruce and timber started in.

A little lower down the hill, we was almost into the timber, he sat down. He was the one that was packing the trophy then, I had the rifle. And he said, "That old bear better be showing up, hadn't he?"

I said, "He will be there, Don't you worry."

He said, "I can see every hill."

I said, "I... But I see the promise!" See? See, He promised. I said, "Ever what He..." I said, "Bud, what is that setting right there?"

He looked, said, "It's a big silver-tip grizzly." Said, "That's him." When we got the grizzly and come back... I remembered in the vision I told you, I was scared about the rifle. It was a little bitty two-seventy, small bullets, you see. It's on tape. And I got the bear, just about five hundred yards, like It said. Bud said, "You better shoot that bear in the back." He said, "Did you ever shoot a grizzly before?"

I said, "Nope."

He said, "Oh, they don't know what death is!" I learned that a little later. So he said, "They don't break up from shock," said, "you better shoot him."

I said, "According to the vision, I shot it in the heart."

He said, "Well, if that vision said so, I'm going to stand by you."

And I said, "Here we go." And we got a little closer, and when I raised up, the bear saw me. That was what he wanted, to make a charge. And I--I shot the bear, it didn't seem like it even hurt him. Here he come! And before I could get another bullet in the gun, the bear died about fifty yards from him.

Bud was white around the mouth, he said, "Brother Branham, I didn't want him on my lap."

I said, "I didn't either."

Said, "I'm glad that vision said you got him." He said, "Now, if that, if them horns are forty-two inches, I'm going to have a..." I'll say it the way he did, said, "I'm going to have a screaming fit."

I said, "Well, you just have it right now, because that's what it's going to be."

When we got down to Brother Eddie, I said to Brother Eddie... We tied the horses off, they're scared of a bear. And, oh, my, they'd a-had to smell it. We couldn't skin him out, it was too late; had to come back the next day. And then we broke up the string about ten times, and horses running everywhere. So then when we got down there, he said... Went and got the tape measure out of his saddle bag, said, "Blaine."

I said to Brother Eddie, I said, "Watch that little hand now, according..." I thought it might have been Billy Paul, little bitty hand told the tape measure around the horn. I said, "Watch that little hand," punched Brother Eddie. We stepped back. He put it right up like that, exactly on the nose, forty-two inches. See, just exactly. Jesus never fails! That Word will never fail as long as it comes from God
Proving His Word, August 16, 1964

Adapted from the book, published by Voice of God Recordings, called "Footprints on the Sands of Time", which is a compilation of excerpts, by William Branham, taken from over one thousand tape recorded sermons.