The Hood Of Death This picture taken at Aberdeen, N.C. in June of 1962 is no less amazing than that taken in Houston, Texas wherein the Spirit of Life is seen photographed above the head of William Branham. Rev. Branham had just pointed to the woman and told her that she was shadowed by death due to cancer, and had but a short time to live unless God undertook for her. A lady, upon hearing Brother Branham say this, felt so impelled in her spirit to take a picture of this dying woman that she did so. When the film was developed the black mask of death was clearly seen over this woman's head (see white arrow). It is absolutely amazing but this "hood of death" looks exactly like the hood that the executioner would place on his head before he took the life of his victim. Later when another picture was taken there was no death mask upon the sister's face. CLICK for MORE Details. (Note: A "New Web Browser" window will open for this link. To return to the "Photo Album", close the second Web Browser window.)
(Taken from "Twentieth Century Prophet " by L. Vayle)