The Everlasting Sign As he was traveling down the highway that passes near this range of mountains at the Idaho/Montana border, the Lord spoke to Brother Branham saying, "I will give you an everlasting sign..."
He said,"How may peaks are there?"
I said, "There's seven."
"How many letters are in your name?"
B-r-a-n-h-a-m. M-a-r-r-i-o-n B-r-a-n-h-a-m. And there were three outstaning peads. He said,
"Those three preaks are the first, second, and third pull. The first one was the first part of your ministry, a small hill; then your first pull, pretty high." You know, sign in the hand.
Then there's a little interval in there, the time that I was taken off the field from being too tired. Then came the discernment, the second pull.
Now, I've had a few years there of just kind of little peaks. See, back, like my ministry wasn't yet. Then comes the third one."
And He said, "Let that stand. If there's ever a doubt in your mind, remember this place, come back here."
Standing In The Gap, by William Branham;
June 23, 1964.
This photo was taken in 1988 by Merritt Simmons of Tucson, Arizona.
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