Sabino Canyon 2 This aerial photo of Sabino Canyon displays the rugged contours of the Catalina Mountains. The winding ribbon down the center of the photo (see arrow) is the roadway into the canyon, which is now closed to all motorized traffic.
(Taken from "Only Believe", Vol 1 No 1.)
From the flat desert basin at 2500ft. elevation which accommodates metropolitan Tucson, Arizona, the Catalinas rise majestically to 9200 ft. peaks, darkened by pine forest. steep canyons and rocky slopes characterize the 200 square mile area they encompass.
A 20 minute ride from downtown Tucson will bring you to the mouth of one of the Catalina's most spectacular canyons. Named "Sabino", after a small juniper-type bush which grows in the area, this canyon became a desert retreat for God's prophet, William Branham.