Sabino Canyon 2 This aerial photo of Sabino Canyon displays the rugged contours of the Catalina Mountains. In this photo you can see the end of the roadway, and the parking area to the extreme left( see arrow). Just off the faintly visible trail, near the center of the photo, is where the King's Sword appeared. (Taken from "Only Believe", Vol 1 No 1.)
You can no longer drive your car into Sabino Canyon, as Brother Branham did 25 years ago. Now there is a shuttle bus to take you the 4.5 miles from the main road to the parking area at the end of the canyon where the trails begin.
Although Brother Branham would often hike for many miles and climb high into the peaks of the Catalinas, the trails leading to Eagle Rock and The Pulpit are not difficult. The round trip requires about 2.5 hours of hiking.