Brother Boze Joseph Mattson Boze, founder of the Philadelphia Church in Chicago, Illinois.
Joseph Mattson Boze was publisher of the Christian magazine The Herald of Faith", and for many years he faihtfully printed news of Brother Branham's meetings and portions of his messages. He also sponsored several meetings in the Chicago area.
In 1961, a group of ministers in Chicago challenged Brother Branham, then gave the public a false report of their actions. Brother Boze stood in the prophet's defense, and provided space in his magazine for Brother Branham to relate a truthful account of the event.
Brother Bosze dedicated much of his life to mission work in the African nations of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, and established several schools for the traning of native pastors. In the message The End-Time Evangelism, Brother Branham praises the work of Brother Boze with these words: "This little friend of mine is doing a great work, and we feel to support him in every way. It's very encouraging to me to see his film, because it shows what God can do with one person that'll find His will and place."
Brother Boze went to be with the Lord on January 25, 1989. He was 83 years old. (Taken from "Only Believe", Vol 2 No 1.)