The Den in Brother Branham's Home in Tucson Arizona Several months of work went into building the den room and readying the house for occupancy. Brother Roy Borders, Brother Branham's campaign manager and the future editor of Spoken Word Publications, created the design of the large, single-room structure. Many years before, Brother Branham had clipped the photo of a famous trophy room from the pages of a hunting magazine, and now he asked Brother Borders to incorporate some of these ideas into the design of his own den. Brother Banks Wood, Brother Branham's close friend and neighbour who was a carpenter, moved from Jeffersonville to Tucson for several months to assist in the construction.
When it was completed it was indeed a spectacular showplace. The flagsonte floor, native stone fireplace, and hand-painted mural combined to make a perfect backdrop for the special hunting trophies that were to be showcased there.
(Taken from "Only Believe", Vol 3 No 1.)
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