Meetings - Sept. 30, 1952 September 30, 1951 was closing night of a three-day revival at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York City. The following day, Brother Branham would leave for a three-month campaign in South Africa. Accompanying him would be his son, Billy Paul, Brother F.F. Bosworth, Ern Baxter, and Julius Stadsklev, who would later write a book which he titled "A Prophet Visits South Africa."
On this night, Brother Branham preached the message "Expectation". Present in the audience were his wife and five-year-old daughter (Sister Branham is seated in the second row on the left, wearing a dark suit. Her arms are crossed, and Rebekah is sitting next to her - see white arrow). In the middle of the same row are Congressman and Mrs. William D. Upshaw.
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(Taken from "Only Believe", Vol 6 No 1.)