We Have A Need!

We are indeed a SMALL Assembly, but we Thank the Lord Jesus for using us for His glory in pioneering "The Message" online. In July 1995 we uploaded the FIRST Message Home Page - The William Branham Home Page - Witnessing to the world that God has forerun HIS Coming for the Bride IN and THROUGH the Ministry and MESSAGE of Malachi 4. 

The Lord led me to Pastor a Small Assembly in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1980. For Thirty-Four years we have donated approximately 40 Per Cent of our income to Missions and Missionaries around the world in over 60 countries. We have even help build about three churches overseas. We ourselves did not own any Building for Worship. We rented private property.

NOW - that situation has changed and circumstances have forced us to purchase a building for worship. In March 2013 we were in the process of completing renovations of the property. We are now using the building but there still remains some minor renovations, fees, taxes, High Mortgage payments, etc.. Thank the Lord for leading believers to help us. The Mortgage which was almost $160,000.00 is now down to about $105,000.00.

We had to get a $160,000.00 mortgage, PLUS $65,000.00 for Down-payment and Renovations. The renovations did cost us more than what we expected. The mortgage plus renovations is expected to exceed over $215,000.00 dollars. A Brother in the assembly did get a loan of $50,000.00 for the down-payment. We would appreciate any help other Assemblies or Brothers and Sisters in Christ could give us to assist with these expenses. IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. And I am sure the Lord will REWARD you for your help.

God Bless our Brother Donny Reagan's Assembly and Bro. Dan Olsen's Assembly for their very Generous donations.   Also other Brothers and Sisters in Newfoundland and Ontario who have given generous contributions.

If you feel the Lord leading you to help us Click on the "DONATE NOW" Button below or return to the buttons on the main Page; and just follow the instructions. This is a completely SAFE method of donating to help with our present needs. Or, you can send a donation to Bible Believers Association at the address below.

Brother William Branham said:
"I've tried it many times not even to pass the collection plate at all, but it don't work. See? Because giving is a part of our religion. It's a part of our duty. No matter if it's just a dime or whatever it is, or a penny, it's all..."
                                                                              A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord: Wm. Branham - 02/17/65

Please understand that we are not begging - we're just passing the collection plate to help meet the present urgent needs of this small local Assembly. In all we do we Magnify Jesus Christ and LET THE GLORY GO TO GOD and NOT to ourselves.

Through CanadaHelps.com You can SAFELY and Securely use your Credit Card, PayPal or Interac to donate online. This procedure is 'through' the Canadian Federal Government online Secure Server. Donations are deposited by CanadaHelps into the Bible Believers Association, Inc. Bank Account.

To donate:
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If you choose you may send your Check or Money order to the address listed below. DON'T FORGET to specify the purpose of the Donation on your cheque. A Tax Deductible Receipt is issued at the end of the year.

There's one thing ALL the Saints can do and that is "PRAY" for our needs, here at THE WILLIAM BRANHAM HOME PAGE. In an hour when so many are falling to denominational or cultish spirits, it is our sincere desire to stay "in the middle of the road" of the "revealed Word" for this age. There is absolutely no intention of promoting personalities, but to focus, first and foremost on Our Lord Jesus Christ, Witness to the Messenger & Message forerunning the Second Coming  of Jesus Christ FOR His Bride.

Bible Believers Association Inc.
8 Centennial Square
P. O. Box 3
Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland
Canada A1N 2C1

                                                  Pastor G. Lush, wife Betty, daughter Sharon