Enduring Unto The End


Jesus said, "He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved". Most professing Christians in the world today - especially in the Western world, endure very little for the Gospel's sake. On the contrary, rather than endure "reproach" for the Gospel's sake they are bringing reproach on the Gospel by compromising with "the world and the things of the world". The Clouds of persecution, trials and tribulation follow ALL True Believers. The Bible forewarns us that "Through MUCH Tribulation shall we enter the Kingdom".

Depending on where you live and your circumstances will determine what True Christians will be called to endure. The Lord willing I want to briefly outline the "Cost of Discipleship". Jesus told us to "count the cost". Jesus "purchased" Salvation for all mankind because all were "born in sin and shapened in iniquity" - none of us could pay the price for Salvation. Jesus alone could pay the price for Salvation to make it available to all; but who can "afford" the price to "possess" the Salvation which Jesus makes available to us?

As soon as possible I will finish this article - may it challenge our faith and find us more willing than the rich young ruler to pay the price for Eternal Life. Keep checking back for more information


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