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Next Scheduled Tour Dates

November 2013 - To Be Announced Soon!

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Our unique tour packages include airfare from the gateway city, all land travel within Israel, hotels, buffet breakfast and supper each day, and all entrance fees & gratuities.  Prices are per-person based on double occupancy. Email me today for applicable rates and any further questions.

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Bro. George Smith Receiving an award from the Ministry of Tourism recognizing over 20 years of bringing Pilgrims to tour the Holy Land.

A Pilgrim's Personal Testimony
Pastor Gerald A. Lush, Editor
The William Branham Home Page

Myself and my wife, Sister Betty, journeyed to Israel with Brother Smith and a number of other pilgrims in November of 2008. It wasn't a sightseeing Tour, but rather it was indeed "the pilgrimage of a lifetime." It adds a measure of sight and substance to our Faith by allowing us to see and touch the places and things which the prophets, our Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples saw and touched. There were times when we were privileged to feel a moving of the Power of God in the very atmosphere around us.

No wonder the prophet said that if we ever had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land that the Bible would become a New Book. With the opening of the Mysteries of the Seven Seals the Bible became a New Book - becoming in our hearts, not just knowledge, but "understanding". A visit to the Holy Land adds to the realities of what the Bible speaks of as one is blessed to walk and experience the atmosphere of that Land where prophecy "begins" and "ends".

I highly recommend this Pilgrimage to all Believers. No wonder that some on the November pilgrimage were there for a second time in just two years. And there are some who have journeyed to Israel up to three times to enter more and more into a oneness with what they were seeing in the Land and reading in their Bibles.

It is written:
"Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:"
Ezekiel 37:21.